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Accumulated reviews on SE Str-29 Quadangle Bmx 2017 by Se Racing - Retro Bmx Bikes SKU 31-5607

First, from the manufacturer: "Before the Quadangle, there was the STR-1. This dates back to the late 1970’s when Stu Thomsen was SE Racing’s National #1 pro and the sport’s first superstar. His signature frame at the time was the Stu Thomsen Replica-1. This STR-1 frame had a unique design with both of the double down tubes wrapping underneath the bottom bracket shell and continuing around the Looptail rear end all the way back to the seat tube. Less than ten STR-1’s were ever produced, and over the years these frames became almost mythical and the most sought after frames of all time in the vintage BMX world. Fast forward nearly 40 years to today and SE is proud to bring you, the limited edition STR-29. All of the unique features and radness of the original STR-1, but built for the bigger rider with 29? wheels. This bike comes with an authentic SE Racing x Stu Thomsen trading card personally signed by Stu. Making history, once again."

wayofthebicycle review: "I can see the reason for the SE Racing Retro series existence. They hearken back to the days when one wasn’t racing, they were cruising. They also look way cooler and are of a higher quality (relatively speaking) than their flowery, wicker-basketed counterparts. Bikes like the Quadangle are not here to replace what beach cruisers have become. They are here to give people an opportunity to look good on a bike whilst cruising."


31-5607 - Se Str-29 Quadangle Bmx - 2017 - Bikes sku


Performance Bike:

Welcome to old school BMX, back when it all began. The Limited Edition SE STR-29 Quadangle celebrates the career of Stu Thomsen, one of the first of the pro BMX racers from the early days of the sport, over 40 years ago. This is how they flew back in the day, with a style unlike anything you see today. And now it can be yours.

The STR-29 Quadangle uses 100% Chromoly tubing, an STR-1 inspired double-downtube-wrap-beneath-bottom bracket, a looptail rear end, and retro dropouts. Each frame, because it's a limited edition, is individually numbered on the inside of the rear dropout. The full chromoly fork is a Cowboy Cut Landing Gear. And together frame and fork make a beautiful retro package detailed out with finishing accessories like chrome STR quad padset, alloy valve caps, alloy rear wheel washers, a custom Stu Thomsen STR-29 sticker sheet, and an authentic trading card personally signed by Stu Thomsen"

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